I’m Terance.

I was born and bred in Georgetown on the island of Penang, a centuries-old melting pot of cultures designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I studied IT and began my career as an engineer, which defined my meticulous attention to detail and materials.

My fascination with materials turned into a pop-up store in a friend’s cafe providing restoration and polishing services for leather shoes. Fascination turned into an obsession, and I quit my day job with only RM 500 in my pocket (about USD 125 to my foreign friends - I told you I was obsessed) to fully focus on learning all I could about leather artistry.

With the help of friends and mentors, I built Utile - an artisanal leathercraft brand operating at the intersection of high-end materials and practical utility, inspired by the environment I grew up in of Eastern Orientalism and Western Colonialism.

My goal is to create bespoke leather goods that reflect the lives of my clients, using the finest exotic hides in the world, with my own two hands. 

This is my meticulous obsession, and I invite you to join me on this journey.


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